Cover Girl

The eyes that she hides have cried
Enough tears to cover a thousand lives
But you would never know it.
Goddess-like features now broken & bruised
Using M.A.C. foundations and makeup hues
Because she could never show it

It makes her weak…..
But no longer with the passion by which lovers speak,
More from a fear of a fervently evil beast
With the ability to command and control the meek,
and so she weeps

It makes her weak….
No longer feeling like the queen of which the stories tell
But like a fallen Angel trapped in the fires of a burning Hell
Hopelessly wishing for a release from her cell,
With visions of returning to the image of her former self.

And so she dreams….

She dreams of being on the island of make-believe,
Streaks of her tears form the waters of the seas
Forcing control of her unsteady hands,
With mascara for the trees and foundation for the sands,
She feels the breeze and for a false moment in reality,
She is at peace.

And in that moment in which her false reality is broken,
With her paradise now lost she is forced again to focus,
On her own eyes…
Those same eyes that makeup now hides,
Eyes that have been forced to cry,
Enough tears to fill the seas of a thousand lives.

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